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Photo History
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2002 to 2008

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Photo History of the ISSMC - 2002 to 2008.  Past Shooters on the ISSMC Mail List will be Notified of Any Future Developments.

Items of Interest:
Half Inch Plus3
  50BMG, Cannons & Machine Guns
  5.56mm Belt Guns
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  Submachine Gun Competition
  7th ISSMC (2008) 
  6th ISSMC (2007) 
  5th ISSMC (2006) 
  4th ISSMC (2005)
  3rd ISSMC (2004)
nd ISSMC (2003)

  1st ISSMC (2002)

  7th ISSMC (2008)
  6th ISSMC (2007) 
  5th ISSMC (2006)  
  4th ISSMC (2005)
  3rd ISSMC (2004)

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Match Results:
  7th ISSMC (2008)
  6th ISSMC (2007)
  5th ISSMC (2006)
  4th ISSMC (2005)
  3rd ISSMC (2004)

  SAR Mag Article on
  First Subgun Match

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  2nd ISSMC (2003) run times.


"Other" Indiana Sub Gun Matches for 2012

Please check with each Club to confirm details, ISSMC is not connected with these matches.

Deer Creek Conservation Club (East of Fairmount IN - Between Indianapolis and Ft Wayne)
Redbrush (Newburgh, IN - east of Evansville IN )


Video Clips of the 7th ISSMC (To change video select thumbnail)

Photos 7th ISSMC (2008) 


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